Piling on the Benefits of better technology
If there is one undeniable fact about living in the islands of Caribbean, it is that land is forever at a premium.

With our ever present collection of natural weather challenges, everything we build or just ‘have’, is subject to salt blast, winds, rain, tropical storms, hurricanes, occasional earth tremors, rising sea levels and of course, relentless sunshine.

With everything from land slips to erosion and water damage, our coasts and our hillsides are under constant threat. This day to day economic burden on island states is difficult, but becomes untenable when the damage changes to catastrophic.

With the help of better technology, we can arrest the trauma caused by these ravages and reclaim the ailing footprint of our islands. Stemming coastal erosion, creating sea barriers, adjusting beaches and vulnerable cliffs and hillsides is now possible and affordable with the combination of Iron and Sheet Piling techniques and breakwater construction. And all of this, at a private, commercial or civil level.

CMS is at the forefront of these new technologies.
Our company’s roots are in marine engineering
and heart in environmental protection and sustainability.

With new tools at our disposal, along with smart thinking and innovation, in collaboration with our international technology partners, we have now brought eco friendly and cost effective solutions to age old island erosion and building stability problems.

Time is money and wasted materials
are at the heart of overruns.

Modular ‘plug and drive’ ductile iron pilings are made from 100% recycled steel. These piles significantly reduce wastage associated with traditional concrete piling, are cheaper to ship and store, easier and faster to install and are more effective and durable.

CMS also provides dynamic and full scale static load testing as a critical component to complete iron piling installations. Pile testing gives piece of mind to engineers and developers, allowing designs to be physically verified and if necessary adapted to suit on site conditions.

Our range of services is comprehensive. Our ability to become
a pivotal component in onshore or inshore construction projects
is key to our success and prominence in our industry.

At CMS, our greatest resource is our technical abilities in problem solving, with a focus on lasting solutions. From driving iron piles to secure the foundation of a bayside luxury hotel, underwater engineering, mitigating or reversing coastal erosion , creating an attractive boardwalk to allow access to your property or waterfront, or beautifully practical boat lifts to protect your investment, we meet each challenge with innovation and quality production.

Contact us today and discuss how CMS can become a vital component to your architectural project, a reliable contractor when your problems require trusted, durable solutions and an expert, quality construction company, for key land security and reclamation work.