Re-opening Construction Sites
The CMS Group work in many different territories
throughout the Caribbean.

Due to COVID-19 Protocols, these construction sites have been on lock down.

As the quarantine initiatives are lifted by various governments, the industry must comply, in most cases, with health and safety requirements, which now include increased regulations for sanitisation and social distancing, to minimise contagion and facilitate awareness at the high risk point of re-opening.  

Companies must supply detailed descriptions of the following:

  1. Transportation to Site
    Driver in front, operator and labourer in back of truck.
  2. PPE on site
    Coveralls, hi visibility vests, safety boots, hard hats, safety goggles, masks and gloves.
  3. HSE provisions
    site toilet blocks, with potable water and washing facilities.
  4. Safe working distances
    Staffing requirement for each construction process, with deployment of staff at appropriate distancing.
  5. Personal health flowchart
    Explained to each employee and inquired on a daily basis.
  6. Site safety induction and Covid-19 awareness and mitigation discussion
    Daily reminders of critical protocol.
  7. Site register.
    Controlling site visits and employee tracking, to reduce potential contagion and assist tracing if an outbreak occurs.

    ​Prior to production, mandatory discussions are to be held on site safety with assembled employees, with a particular focus on social distancing and sanitation, site and equipment operations, personal hygiene, health related declarations and social responsibility.

The CMS Group utilises multiple disciplines across trades and equipment, to achieve its specialised work objectives. The process is often similar, but no two jobs are the same.

Our methodology has always consisted of established teams and responsibilities, work systems and procedures for each stage of production.  Our speciality engineering and construction work depends on it.  These details are now enhanced with distancing protocols and sanitisation, on a per site basis, always cognisant of the critical need for staff safety, while meeting site and client standards and requirements.

Understanding and implementing this ‘new normal’ is key to effective construction site management and maintaining a ‘new’ momentum to get the job done. 

As we re-open our sites locally, our compliance with new building protocols and a precise sense of planning, will enable us to move our work forward, for eager clients who wish to regenerate their investments, while observing safety during this time of high risk.

In the coming days our sites in other territories will be fully compliant with local government protocols, as well as our continued high standards of efficiency, to meet the re-opening process.

Below, we have published the Personal Health Flowchart used as guidelines to all site personnel in the event of illness and suspected presence of COVID-19.