The CMS Group ​

Making the Change in Regional Construction

There is little doubt that the world has changed.  But in the Caribbean, ever prone to storms and tremors, our world constantly evolves.

That is, in many ways, the definition of the CMS Group.

Our sense of innovation and ongoing efforts to pioneer better technology and engineering to address the age old problems of erosion, deterioration, instability and sometimes, just poor science, is what makes our learning curve steep and our sense of detail acute.

We take pride in knowing what we are doing, being well versed in how we do it and having a clear vision of the outcome.

We've successfully incorporated social distancing and general health protocols of COVID-19 with our deployment of crews, site organisation and pace of our projects.  

Being organised is how we get things done.

There can be unexpected and undesirable surprises in construction. We specialise in turn key and design and build contracts, taking the unknown out of construction budgets and programs.

Our work is rooted in reliable foundations
for durable construction projects throughout our islands.

We maintain this approach, with well chosen materials, finishes and innovative solutions, installed by our construction teams. Our crew members are constantly aware of time, pace, frugal use of materials and an abiding focus on the timely completion of every project.

Doing things once and well is always our goal.

This is especially true of our core work, DIP and sheet piling, which are the most cost-effective, durable and efficient manner in which to block erosion, stabilise and anchor foundations, whether they be coastal installations or inland, amongst variable soils and water sources.

All of our work makes a difference.  That’s the way we like it.

Old logic assumed that creating buffers against the elements was the best policy.
Too often our clients are stuck in a cycle of mitigation, throwing good money after bad.
We at CMS group look for the underlying problem to establish a solution, applying active intervention rather than mitigation.

We work with the environment, not against it; by deflecting and redirecting energy. Employing detailed analysis of the existing physical and chemical parameters to find lasting solutions which do not negatively impact the environment we're seeking to conserve.

The scale of our work is never an issue.

From dredging commercial ports in Castries harbour, to installing foundations for corporate buildings in Guyana, or luxury hotels in St. Kitts or St. Lucia, even re-nourishing beaches near the Pitons and creating beach saving groins in Turks and Caicos, we always rise to the occasion. 

On the other hand no job is too small and often the solution lies in the detail; we find small scale solutions using appropriate technology and materials.

The environment and construction are able to coexist to maintain beauty and nature,
while developing and strengthening the region's safeguards and protections.
By working smarter, we can achieve the necessary balance.

We are proud of our approach and as we expand our operations into many new and much larger projects; more imminent deadlines and post COVID renewals, across the region,
we stay focused on strengthening the construction sector and the way we do business,
for a durable future. 

We invite you to review our work,
 speak with our specialists.

COASTAL DESIGN BUILD Enid Capron’s new playground in TCI
COASTAL, with other local contractors were invited to make a contribution to the development of a playground at the Enid Capron Primary school, Turks and Caicos.
The CMS Group | Multiple Construction environments
The CMS Group combine marine & onshore construction work, with an impressive portfolio of multiple construction environments.
CMS | Sand Probing and Anchoring in The Grenadines
CMS were asked to sand probe underwater areas in The Grenadines, to install Manta Ray anchors, to create easily accessible moorings.
The CMS Group | Every construction project deserves innovation
We are specialists who improve each project in which we are included, while updating the approach of the Caribbean construction industry.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD South Bank Hydraulic Bridge TCI
COASTAL was contracted to design, develop and install an hydraulic swing bridge system in the new and innovative South Bank Development, TCI.
The CMS Group | changing the quality of Caribbean construction
The CMS Group fuse on-land coastal and marine construction to complete complex projects in record time with durable and reliable results
Accomplish remarkable construction productivity with CFA piling by CMSCS
Recognizing that CFA piles are ideal for the soil of the Turks and Caicos Islands, CMSCS has added this to its specialist foundation skills.
The CMS Group | Coastal, inshore and Island wide
The CMS Group work to secure coastal and inland erosion, correcting and enhancing poor environmental management with better science.
COASTAL building solutions for our fragile islands
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD has the specialist building solutions to create and refurbish our delicate islands, making each project durable and sustainable.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD excellence in regional engineering
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD provides inshore engineering excellence throughout the region securing our islands and future with smart construction.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD management and preservation
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD provides excellence in regional engineering, securing our foundations our coast, and our future with smart construction.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD South Bank Floating Docks
CMDB developed and installed floating docks for the marina front of the South Bank residential and marina development, Providenciales TCI