Accomplish remarkable construction productivity
with CFA piling by CMSCS

Continuous Flight Auger piles, commonly known as auger-cast piles or auger-cast-in-place piles, have been used globally for the past 30 years.

  • CFA Piling is particularly suited to cohesive soils,
    (clay or fine grained soil) with high water tables.
  • The CFA process is virtually vibration free and one of the quietest forms of piling, making it ideal for environmentally sensitive areas.
  • CFA piles do not require the importation of casings or cores and at a time when the supply chain has been so disrupted by the pandemic and associated economic issues, the supply of concrete and reinforcement steel has remained reliable. Allowing us to continue piling operations for customers with a deadline, when other forms of piling have been associated with long material lead times.
  • Good side shear bond in cemented materials - akin to grouted annulus DIP piling that we have focused on to date.
  • CFAs can be installed in very long lengths.

Recognising that CFA piles are ideal for the soil of the Turks and Caicos Islands*, CMSCS has embarked on CFA piling projects, adding this to its array of specialist foundation skills and offering this as a necessary addition to the island’s engineering, development and construction sectors.

CFA piles are suitable for most construction projects in commercial, institutional or light/medium industrial applications as well as for excavation support (tangent or secant walls).

CMSCS continues to effectively re-secure land and foundation works in many areas of the Caribbean, where soil instability and super saturation are major drawbacks to construction projects large and small.

We are foundation specialists, creating reliable and durable anchors in often unstable environments, using combinations of traditional timber, vinyl sheet piling, Ductile Iron Piling and now CFA Piling.

In doing so, we bring extensive planning, engineering and site installation experience, significantly reducing cost, construction time and staffing requirements, which meet or surpass necessary COVID-19 site protocols.

For a potential client developer, or construction professional, CMDB and CMSCS have proven construction and engineering success throughout the Caribbean and are willing to share new technology and techniques, to vastly improve the quality of regional building.

This reliable construction process begins with a hollow stem auger which drills a hole into the ground.  As the auger is retracted, grout or concrete is pressure pumped into the hole through the auger’s hollow stem.  This leaves a continuous solid column of concrete in the ground and a steel reinforcement cage is then immediately installed, either by pushing or vibration into the wet concrete, after the auger is fully withdrawn.

CFAs are not displacement piles and do generate spoils from the auger flights, as the hole is bored.  The spoil will then require further handling. 

Continuous Flight Auger piles have a higher concrete waste than traditional bored piles, offset by the overall affordability of this piling system.

The CMS Group specialise in marine, coastal and inland engineering and construction, using detailed planning and better science, to bring durable solutions to the age old island problems of erosion and affordability.

Our regional partnerships now enable us to deliver large cargo, with excellent marine access and dredging capabilities, throughout the islands, while continuing to protect and improve our shores, waterways and complex building environments.

For further information on CFA Piling, talk to us today.
Our project input
is bound to improve your construction output.

Efficient, timely, safe and on budget.

*Please be advised that our CFA piling technology is presently available in the Turks and Caicos Islands. However, we welcome foundation and construction inquiries from other territories which encounter similar soil considerations to TCI.

The CMS Group
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