CMS A Company of Comprehensive Skills

The Caribbean is a complex environment.
Weather, topography, geology, you name it, the variables are vast.

Blue Cay Project | Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands

That’s what makes our work so exciting.

When you deal every day with the margins between land and sea, damp and dry, dense and loose, you become acutely aware that your skills and understanding must be comprehensive and your planning innovative, precise and constantly prepared for the unexpected.

Jetties to boat lifts, complex water margins and tidal reclamation, boulder groynes with wooden decks and sand re-nourishment, dredging, to create a navigable entrances to sea land canals.  

Our capabilities grow with each innovative solution to
a truly original project.

It’s about understanding fresh technology to combat the growing influence of environmental challenges and evolving times.  
We stabilise and reorganise the powers of nature which,
if checked, turn disaster to advantage.

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beach reconstruction and  (reverse osmosis) intake installation at Royalton, SLU

Harbor Club, St. Lucia

CMS is well poised to meet the new paradigm of life in parallel 
to climate change, rising tides, volatile weather patterns and environmental anomalies.

Our association to AqSep, making fresh water from the sea,
stands testament to our commitment to find quality solutions
to age old Caribbean problems.

What AqSep WaterMakers do

With in-depth knowledge of low cost DIP foundations and sheet pile installation, precision engineering and durability of materials, 
CMS is an essential component in deriving true value from your construction project, whether commercial or domestic.

Thomazo Bridge Reconstruction, post Hurricane Tomas, SLU

DIP Foundations at The KOI Resort, St. Kitts

Vinyl Sheet Pile installation

Boat Lift. St. Lucia

Marigot Bay Marina Renovation, St. Lucia