CMS Overview

CMS is a dynamic and innovative company, specializing in onshore and inshore piling, construction and marine engineering within the Caribbean Region. We install pilings which we design to suit each environment in which we work. The customization and use of non traditional, state-of-the-art piling systems ensures minimal environmental impact, increased installation speed, minimal material wastage and consequently a lower project cost for our clients.

Our History

CMS was founded in 2004, initially as a shallow-water marine contractor, building docks and jetties, restoring beaches, laying mooring buoys, building/repairing sea defences, dredging and boat maintenance.  The company was acquired in 2008, by the present owners, Sam Verity and Kelsey Kerridge.  Sam and Kelsey originally expanded the range of company services to include beach restoration and the installation of boat lifts, then diversified to onshore piling in late 2011.

Mission Statement

To implement low cost and efficient solutions to the piling of foundations for buildings and marine structures in Caribbean islands where the costs of imported materials and specialist services are generally very high.


CMS is based in St Lucia but can mobilise with its piling equipment to any Caribbean island in about ten days. Projects have been carried out recently in St Kitts, Grenada and Guyana and projects are under review in Turks & Caicos, Aruba and Haiti.

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Why Choose Us?

Cost effective range of traditional and innovative installation services, combined with outstanding manufacturer support, considerable large project construction and management experience within the region, and excellent response time, make CMS the right choice for an onshore and inshore piling and marine engineering partner.

Onshore Piling

pile1CMS specialises in the installation of Ductile Iron Piles – DIP - a uniquely economic and practical solution for building foundations in islands where the alternative is to import reinforced concrete or steel piles. m o r e ...

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Inshore Piling

floating2CMS installs Vinyl Sheet Piles along with all forms of steel, wood and fibreglass piles for marina and jetty projects. m o r e ...

Pile Testing


CMS provides a comprehensive range of static and dynamic Pile Testing services.

m o r e ... 

Other Services

other CMS provides a range of marine and conventional onshore construction, engineering, surveying and installation services. m o r e ...

Engineering Solutions


We work directly with Coulon pieux battus sarl, the exclusive Caribbean agent for DIP piles manufactured by TRM of Austria and with Crane Material International (CMI) the inventor and principal manufacturer of Vinyl Sheet Piles, to generate unique engineering solutions to each piling challenge.

Portfolio and Clients

A collection of our projects.

DIP foundations for LUCELEC

CMS installed DIP foundations for a new generator within a few feet of an existing, operating generator set for LUCELEC,
the electricity utility in St Lucia, where vibration would have caused major problems.

DIP foundations for Koi Hotel St. Kitts

CMS installed DIP foundations for the first Phase of the new Koi Hotel in Half Moon Bay, St Kitts
in less than half the time and at less than half the cost of a conventional piling programme using imported materials.

DIP foundations for new Harbour Club Hotel, St. Lucia

CMS installed DIP foundations for the new Dive Centre and 7 storey Harbour Club Hotel in Rodney Bay, St Lucia
where the depth to bedrock varied widely but in places was less than 2 metres.

DIP foundations for the new 'I Hotel' in St Lucia

CMS installed DIP foundations for the new “I Hotel” in St Lucia within a few hundred feet of the existing Cotton Bay Resort Village, without major disturbance to existing hotel guests.

Vessel Salvage

Installation and maintenance of municipal marine structures and vessel salvage
for St Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority and St Lucia Fisheries Department.

St Lucia Financial Centre

Foundation piling and testing for St Lucia Financial Centre.
St Lucia IFC

Dive Centre St. Lucia

Foundation piling and testing for Dive training facility, sheet piling, dock construction and boat lift installation.

Calabash Cove Resort St. Lucia

Beach regeneration and sea

Harmony Suites and The Edge Restaurant St. Lucia

Waterside restaurant and dock reconstruction.

Le Sport Hotel St. Lucia

Installation and maintenance of underwater pipe lines and pumping facilities and installation and testing of rock anchored substructure for new spa facility.

IGY Marina Rodney Bay St. Lucia

Mooring and De-markation Buoy Installation and Maintenance, piling and salvage works.

The Landings St. Lucia

Installation of Floating Pontoons and Dredging.

Soufriere Marine Management Association St. Lucia

Salvage works related to sinking of container ship.

Marigot Bay Marina St. Lucia

Dredging, Mooring and De-markation Buoy Installation and Maintenance, dock construction and maintenance.

St. Lucia National Trust

Surface water drainage, jetty installation and sea defence installations.

Department of Fisheries St. Lucia

FAD construction and installation.

Discovery Marigot Bay St. Lucia

beach regeneration and sand nourishment.

Marigot Bay Marina St. Lucia

channel marker maintenance.

Meet the CMS Team

We at CMS will be there for you at the beginning, establishing the foundations for your project. We take pride in providing accurate designs and solutions, our experience and positive approach makes CMS a vital professional service  partner for any construction project, especially those which require considerable onsite ingenuity and innovation.


Stop Worrying About Your Boat!
In the warm waters of St Lucia the maintenance costs of keeping your boat hull and props free of fouling Read more.
The Rope Bridge at Le Sport
And after all the serious stuff, CMS is sometimes asked to build and design something just for fun. Read more.
Harbour Club and the latest technology
CMS has made possible the construction of the Rodney Bay Dive Centre and Harbour Club Hotel by supplying and installing Read more.
FADS – Fish Aggregation Devices
One of the earliest CMS projects was the installation of ten FADs, or Fish Aggregation Devices around the coast of St Read more.
Building an Access Ladder on Canaries Dock
On the west coast of St. Lucia, a long needed ladder at the Canaries Dock returning safe, vital boat access Read more.
Dealing with the Sargassum in Praslin
When commissioned to solve long standing environmental and construction problems, particularly in locations affected by unpredictable tide and weather conditions, Read more.
New Jetties at Praslin Bay and Savannes Bay
Both the safety and efficiency of the fishermen have been greatly improved by the building of new dock in Praslin Read more.
CMS and Government Supporting Local Communities
In 2015 CMS completed four government funded projects aimed at supporting and protecting St Lucia's fishermen, two in Praslin Bay, Read more.
Pile Testing Proves DIP Piles Higher Working Load
CMS has been the Caribbean leader in the use of DIP piles since 2010 and now recent pile testing results Read more.
CMS pioneers Ductile Iron Piles in the Caribbean
CMS has for 6 years been installing Ductile Iron Piles (DIP) throughout the Caribbean on projects where, until recently, conventional Read more.

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