The CMS Group in 2020

There is no doubt that 2020 is a trying time for everyone.

In the Caribbean, transportation, supply and access have always been problematic.  
Our island states, with their unique characteristics, can be a construction challenge par excellence. So as we globally added COVID-19, this year’s project plans became, at one point, seemingly out of reach.

Construction sites lay idle as we began the process of creating and applying pandemic protocols to get everything working again, even with a heightened safety level.

Fortunately, the work of the CMS Group entails well defined production systems, with trained staff, who have specific roles in the overall process, as well as very detailed experience.  We require small crews and were able to apply social distancing and sanitisation measures quickly and easily.
As governments across the region began a slow and systematic reopening process, we were ready to return to work, at pace.

Not withstanding these difficulties, The CMS Group continues to develop its skills, contracts and support services, to achieve our industry development goals.

better science and quality in our finished products.

Our close working relationship with ATI allows a much deeper penetration into coastal refurbishment and defence, while our flagship foundation and installation service continues to expand exponentially, as more substantial projects recognise the time, cost, labour saving characteristics of Plug&Drive® DIP.

DIP has, single handedly, changed the landscape of regional construction, simply by ease of use, a small footprint, minimal installation specific tooling and a gentle learning curve.

Foundation Piling for Rum Cellars - St. Lucia Distillers.

This year, we have been remarkably fortunate to have encountered few storm conditions, severe enough to destroy, or chronically affect recovering infrastructure or economies. This in itself bodes well for the general construction industry and immediate developments, as long as we can continue to respect the protocols which protect lives and livelihoods.

We are nations of nature, culture, work, fun, sport and tourism, much of which have largely been on hold for almost a year.  So it is to be noted that recent vaccine announcements have brought optimism and energy to all sectors regionally, as this news most certainly impacts our economic, industrial, health, service and social structures.  

The CMS Group continues to bring our best ideas
and innovations to the table, to find solutions for today and the future.

Recently, as we began preparations for new coastal work in The Turks and Caicos Islands, we discovered a forgotten 30 year old shipwrecked tug, blocking our sea channel access.

Without further ado and some precarious diving, we attached strops and with the help of two front end loaders, dragged the rusted boat ashore from the sea bed, albeit in a number of awkward pieces.

Life always throws you unexpected challenges.  
It’s what you do next that counts.

As we look forward to a brighter, more productive new year, we invite all of our potential and existing customers to come with us, work with us and help build a much better Caribbean, through better thinking, organising and doing, all to higher standards..

We wish everyone who knows us the very best
for a prosperous, adventurous, successful and safe 2021.

We invite you 
to review our work,
then contact us and discuss 
how the CMS Group 
can secure your foundations, 
your coast and your future, 
with smart construction.

COASTAL DESIGN BUILD Enid Capron’s new playground in TCI
COASTAL, with other local contractors were invited to make a contribution to the development of a playground at the Enid Capron Primary school, Turks and Caicos.
The CMS Group | Multiple Construction environments
The CMS Group combine marine & onshore construction work, with an impressive portfolio of multiple construction environments.
CMS | Sand Probing and Anchoring in The Grenadines
CMS were asked to sand probe underwater areas in The Grenadines, to install Manta Ray anchors, to create easily accessible moorings.
The CMS Group | Every construction project deserves innovation
We are specialists who improve each project in which we are included, while updating the approach of the Caribbean construction industry.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD South Bank Hydraulic Bridge TCI
COASTAL was contracted to design, develop and install an hydraulic swing bridge system in the new and innovative South Bank Development, TCI.
The CMS Group | changing the quality of Caribbean construction
The CMS Group fuse on-land coastal and marine construction to complete complex projects in record time with durable and reliable results
Accomplish remarkable construction productivity with CFA piling by CMSCS
Recognizing that CFA piles are ideal for the soil of the Turks and Caicos Islands, CMSCS has added this to its specialist foundation skills.
The CMS Group | Coastal, inshore and Island wide
The CMS Group work to secure coastal and inland erosion, correcting and enhancing poor environmental management with better science.
COASTAL building solutions for our fragile islands
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD has the specialist building solutions to create and refurbish our delicate islands, making each project durable and sustainable.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD excellence in regional engineering
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD provides inshore engineering excellence throughout the region securing our islands and future with smart construction.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD management and preservation
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD provides excellence in regional engineering, securing our foundations our coast, and our future with smart construction.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD South Bank Floating Docks
CMDB developed and installed floating docks for the marina front of the South Bank residential and marina development, Providenciales TCI