Secure Foundations with Plug&Drive© DIP

a lean, effective foundation solution

Whether you are an architectural or engineering firm, construction company or developer, you already know the project cost, in time and materials, to secure a foundation.

Add to this, an often difficult Caribbean site location, COVID-19 protocols, cumbersome shipping, storage, damage, wastage, mobilisation and skilled workforce; the list of hurdles becomes all too familiar.  So does the price!

Better, more effective and accurate technology, combined with a smaller equipment and personnel footprint and deployment time, will make significant changes to these construction restraints.

The CMS Group delivers the Plug&Drive© DIP Pile System, designed as a lean, effective foundation solution, using prefabricated Ductile Iron Piles to reduce wasted site time, materials and space, while increasing adjustability, reliability and accuracy.

Coupled with this, we use small, COVID-19 savvy, highly skilled and dedicated crews, using readily available plant equipment, to achieve excellent results without construction holdups, often in hard to access areas.

The main benefits of the Plug&Drive© DIP Pile System are:

  • Ease of Shipping. In 20ft. containers.
  • Low mobilisation costs. Simple, small scale equipment.
  • Fast installation. Piling Rates up to 200m per day.
  • Cost effective. Saving up to 70% of traditional piling costs.
  • Flexible. Pile anywhere a 30 ton excavator can go. 
         Piles can be driven less than a metre from existing structures
         and inside some buildings.
  • Environmentally Friendly. No spoil created. Low Vibration. Less Noise.
  • Self Proving. A driven pile is a tested pile.
  • Immediate follow-on Construction. No site disruption.
  • Proven success in foundations inside and outside the Caribbean.

The CMS Group
Better science and quality in our finished products.

We also have considerable experience in marine, coastal and onshore environments, using the combination technology of sheet and DIP piling and quality casting, timber work and finishing.

Our comprehensive preparations include working with your technical specialists to convert your existing construction drawings, to effectively include our technology.

As agents and installation specialists for the Plug&Drive© DIP Pile System, we will supply all necessary foundation materials and personnel to commence and complete the DIP install process, including testing, within overall site specifications.

At CMS, we are not only happy to spread the word and install our technology.  We are also willing to train existing construction crews in the use of the Plug&Drive© System and supply all of the equipment and materials to assist its widespread use throughout our region.

DIP has, single handedly, changed the landscape of regional construction, simply by ease of use, a small footprint, minimal installation specific tooling and a gentle learning curve.

We know from our marine work
the critical need for a reliable anchor.

The Plug&Drive© DIP Pile System gives any construction a strong foundation, with the added advantage of directional installation, opening up an even greater range of possibilities.

The CMS Group develops solutions to enhance and secure our Caribbean environment and preserve our assets from nature’s constant erosion, using better science and fresh technology to resolve old construction problems.

We welcome the opportunity to work with onshore and inshore projects which require better science and our particular innovations.

Foundation Piling for Rum Cellars - St. Lucia Distillers.

We invite you 
to review our work,
then contact us and discuss 
how the CMS Group 
can secure your foundations, 
your coast and your future, 
with smart construction.

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Secure Foundations with Plug&Drive© DIP
The CMS Group delivers the Plug&Drive© DIP Pile System, a lean, cost effective foundation solution, reducing wasted time, materials and space
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