Dealing with the Sargassum in Praslin

When commissioned to solve long standing environmental
and construction problems, particularly in locations affected by unpredictable tide and weather conditions, CMS is known for using inventive modern techniques and creating new ways of dealing with old problems.

This was certainly the case with the sargassum problem
in Praslin Bay, St. Lucia.

After considerable investigation and experimentation, and much to the relief of the local community, CMS finally managed to remove
the sargassum seaweed, by using an innovative drag net, which they designed and constructed.

Many different solutions were reviewed, but because of the very difficult access for larger vessels on the East coast and the very shallow nature of the bay itself, a unique solution had to be found,
to get at and remove the seaweed from the water.

The sargassum was removed from the water and allowed to rot
down to compostable material onshore, from where it will be used by the local community as fertilizer.

Discussions with one environmental entrepreneur, Johanan Dujon, from the community of Praslin, may well lead to more formal processing of the weed to produce liquid fertilizer at his facility in
the next few months.

The sargassum removal project was completed ahead of time
and under budget.