American Tugs & Barge Inc.

American Tugs & Barge Inc. are a Puerto Rican family owned and operated towing company based in Las Mareas, Guayama.

The CMS Group and ATI
ATI plays a key roll in CMS projects throughout the islands of the caribbean, as it provides cargo barge services, moving bulk sand, aggregate, stone and machinery to various regional locations.

The relationship between ATI and CMS began in 2010, when CMS, frustrated with existing ocean transport providers and brokers, unable to meet budgets or timetable requirements, began looking for an alternative resource. 

It quickly became apparent that the ATI attitude was totally different to the smaller and less well organised transport companies that were already established in the Eastern Caribbean.

ATI's 'can do' attitude, personified by their president Pedro Rivera, was a breath of fresh air.  They made new projects possible and contributed to renewed client satisfaction, by maintaining tight project schedules, with a prompt and reliable service.

This working relationship has become a solid and reliable friendship,
as ATI and CMS work together to deliver projects, on time and on budget,
throughout the Caribbean.

About ATI
ATI began operations in January 2002, with the tugs El Morro and Don Alberto, under it's present CEO, Sr. Pedro Rivera.  
Later that year, the company acquired the assets of Puerto Rico Operations Incorporated, which operated on the south and east coasts of Puerto Rico, in 1995 and in San Juan Harbor in 1992, using the Tugs Proassist I, II and III.
The majority of ATI’s employees are from the towns where the company operates, or family members.

The company mainly assist vessels that bring energy related products to Puerto Rico and maintain tugs in optimal operational conditions, to meet that important service.

The fleet consists of 11 tugs and 3 deck barges, generally serving the ports of Las Mareas, Aguirre and Yabucoa.

Core Business
ATI’s core business is terminal towage and back-up for salvage companies, when they need additional tugs for rescue tows and operations, locally and around the Caribbean.
The company is always on stand by for emergencies. 

ATI also tows an Oil Barge between Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  

The company is presently serving the terminal towage requirements of:

  • Buckeye Partners L.P. Petroleum Terminal in Yabucoa
  • the AES coal fired generator plant in Guayama
  • the PREPA generating plant in Aguirre
  • the Ecoeléctrica LNG tanker terminal in Guayanilla 

The services to the LNG tankers is provided in partnership with South Puerto Rico Towing and Svitzer Americas under a Joint Venture that operates as Guayanilla Towage Group Inc.

Cargo Barge
ATI owns and operates a 5200 ton deck cargo barge, with a cargo bin wall and a stern ramp, transporting aggregate and construction materials, equipment, scrap steel and any other cargo that requires open deck space, between the Islands of Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands and other Caribbean locations.  

This service has been available for the past 5 years and has proven to be in high demand.

Presently, the company is engaged in the transportation of salt, in bulk, between the Yucatan Peninsula and various ports in Central America.

ATI has embarked on an aggressive program, In the past ten years, to expand its original fleet of Tugs and presently owns two ASD tugs, two conventional model bow seagoing tugs and five specialised ship docking tugs that have flanking rudders, three of which have kurt nozzles.

The company continues to expand its tooling and quality services to meet the evolving needs of clients, the ports that they serve, and an ever growing Caribbean and South American market.


Website: ati-pr.com

Phone: 787-505-1134
Office: 787-287-3939

1010 Calle Orchid Apt 1104
San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Email : click here


Emerald Point Groyne TCI

CMDB recently completed the Emerald Point groyne in Providenciales, TCI.  The 600ft long terminal groyne was constructed to prevent coastal erosion of beach assets.  

Sand and more for Glenconner Beach

Supply of sand for beach enhancement and concrete access road and jetty construction, for Glenconner Beach, Soufriere, St Lucia.

Le Sport Walkway and Mooring Anchor

Construction of a concrete walkway on top of existing stone groyne, leading to a Mooring Anchor at Le Sport Hotel, St. Lucia.

Blue Cay project – Turks & Caicos Islands
In 2017-2018, CMSCS and Smith Warner International of Jamaica, through their joint venture company, CMDB, undertook the water front construction and engineering works for the Blue Cay Project, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands.