JMC 148 | ABS Spud barge | Length: 140’ - Breadth: 54’ - Depth: 9’

The CMS Group

Our Crane Barge Operation

In conjunction with ATI, our barge haulage partners located in Puerto Rico,
we are pleased to announce our Crane Barge component and operation, able to deploy to islands, coasts, and river estuaries throughout the Caribbean region and South America.

Essentially a crane barge can access many difficult coastal environments, bringing or extracting considerable amounts of materials, assisting in piling, construction, installation  and lifting operations with its floating crane.

This ideal combination of crane and barge can:

  • Transport plant equipment to sites where overland access may be impossible.
  • Help construct waterway bridges. 
  • Install or refurbish pontoons and jetties, and install piling in hard to reach areas. 
  • Assist installation of coastal pipework.
  • Dredge marinas and inland waterways. 
  • Assists in demolition works, removing rubble from sites.

Barge Specifications

  • Barge Name: JMC 148
  • Type: ABS Spud barge
  • Year Built: 2011
  • Flag/ Port of Registry: USA/ Boston, Massachusetts
  • Official Number: 1233601 
  • Classification: ABS / A1 
  • GRT / NRT: 489/146 
  • Length: 140’ (42.67m)
  • Breadth: 54’ (16.45m)
  • Depth: 9’ (2.74m)
  • Max Draft: 6.9’ (approx. 2.1m)
  • Light Ship Weight: 310.8 LT (315.7 MT) 
  • Cargo capacity at maximum load line: 1126 LT (approx 1144 MT)
  • Deck loading weight of 2100 lbs/ square feet (10.25 metric tons/m2 )

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