We use New Materials that just make sense!

CMS Group use new materials which stood up to major hurricanes.

Vinyl sheet piles supplied by Crane Materials International (CMI) which CMS installs in many of its waterfront projects have been tested definitively by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

A video released by CMI shows the damage inflicted by
Hurricane Irma on waterfront properties in Jacksonville, Florida, where properties protected by their highly durable vinyl sheet piles protected buildings, where adjacent properties, protected by wood
or concrete defences were destroyed.

Why Vinyl Sheet Piling
One of the most dynamic and important developments in the world of construction and a key material in CMS inshore work, is Vinyl Sheet Piling.

Likewise the Fibreglass Composite Piles supplied by Pearson Pilings, which CMS is installing for the first time as part of the refurbishment of the Capella Marina in Marigot Bay, St Lucia, were tested to the limit by Hurricane Irma in Islamorada, Florida.

JC Lago's pier still standing after Hurricane Irma

Pearson Pilings customer surveying neighboring damage after Hurricane Irma:

“The long pier stands! The one to the north was concrete and it’s gone!
The ones to the south, wood, all gone as well. The system works!”

JC Lago, Islamorada Fl

Fibreglass Composite Piles by

Stronger and more flexible than concrete, wood or steel, fiberglass composite pilings from Pearson Pilings, when properly engineered, will absorb the load without breaking and will never rot, rust or crumble.

CMDB, our Caribbean joint venture company with coastal design engineers Smith Warner International of Jamaica, is currently contacting many of the hotels in the Leeward Islands, to offer their services to rebuild and renovate the many beaches and marine facilities which have been damaged by the recent hurricanes.

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