CMS can provide dynamic and full scale static load testing for all kinds of piling according to ASTM D4945, D1143, D3689, D3966 or equivalents.

To stabilise land/ water margins, where their high resistance to corrosion and long life make an ideal solution in Caribbean waters, where corrosion is rampant, due to the combination of high water temperatures and highly active marine organisms.

Pile testing gives peace of mind to engineers and developers allowing designs to be physically verified and if necessary adapted according to the site conditions.

We have developed portable testing drop hammers up to 2 tons and we have calibrated hydraulic rams and gauges for static load testing up to 150 tons, that we use to apply load through a modular reaction beam system that can either be independently piled or can use production piles to provide the reaction load required – a far cheaper and quicker alternative to traditional methods such as the Kentledge load test.