A better way with DIP.

There has always been a better way to do things.
It’s the nature of change and optimism, wishful thinking and often just frustration.

Those ‘better ways’ are almost always constrained by cost, both in materials and labour.

Only when the technology changes and someone with a clear idea of ‘better’, does the work, invests the time, makes the connections and passes on their confidence to those who share the vision, does the ‘better way’ become a reality.

CMS has worked tirelessly to do all of this, with Ductile Iron Piling,
or DIP, a revolutionary prefabricated cast iron Plug&Drive© pile system which is changing the way the construction industry does business.

This dynamic and flexible piling system removes the need for cumbersome, expensive, wasteful, labour intensive and cronically intrusive concrete piles.

The replacement is a beautifully designed, user friendly, low footprint modular technology, created to adjust to projects of various scales and complexities, with simple, reliable and easily manageable solutions, which eliminate traditional pile splicing or butt welding on site.

This is especially welcome in such a diverse environment as the Caribbean, where terrain, weather, accessibility, infrastructure, finance, available skilled labour, or specialist tooling may be at
a premium.

CMS successfully meets each of these potential limitations at their core, by utilizing Ductile Iron Piling.

Prefabricated ductile cast iron piles consist of 5.0 metre standard length tubes, whose tapered male and female ends connect together and constitute the unique Plug&Drive© spigot and socket joint,
which is self-locking and irreversible.

After their quick concentric connection, the male and female tapered ends embed rigidly by absorbing part of the driving energy.
Assembly is by cold welding: the expansion and contraction of
the two tapered ends occur under high contact pressure, by non-elastic deformation of the ductile cast iron.

Each modular iron pile is designed for ease of use, end to end,
in the shipping, site storage, installation and commissioning process.

The standard length tubes, fit comfortably into a standard 20’ shipping container.  On site storage can utilize the existing container, for good site management and material security.

With the appropriate tooling, the installation piling rig is a standard midweight excavator, which allows far more access to more sites and levels than a traditional rigid rig. This enables extremely low mobilization times, better setup costs and no platforms.

Excavator flexibility combine with tube and joint rigidity, to enable DIPs to be driven at angles up to 45 degrees, exponentially expanding the range of pile uses.

DIP driving is low vibration, allowing piles to be placed in close proximity to existing structures and foundations, or other piles.
The DIP system displaces and compacts the soil, hence improving its characteristics. Ground heave is virtually non existent.

The continuous modular assembly allows Ductile Iron Piling to be driven in very long lengths, having been successfully used in 60 metre pilings.   The system offers a high degree of rigidity; the strength of the joint is greater to that of the pile's section.  This is due to the tapered spigot and tapered socket connection.

These obvious benefits in user friendly design, ease of use, performance reliability, speed of mobilization and setup, forever change the landscape of traditional construction in the Caribbean.

When you consider the general adjustment in understanding for
the existing industry labour force, implementation is relatively simple. To this end, CMS, as representatives of the manufacturers for the region, as well as industry contractors, offer their services at all levels to make the change to better technology.

From modifying existing foundation designs to utilize DIP, to training, or full blown construction throughout the islands, CMS is making sure that Ductile Iron Piling is a cost effective reality in the Caribbean.

Contact us today and discuss how CMS can become a vital component to your architectural project, a reliable contractor when your problems require trusted, durable solutions and an expert, quality construction company, for key land security and reclamation work.