COASTALDESIGNBUILD | building solutions for our fragile islands

These Caribbean islands are often described as untouched beauty, nature’s paradise.  However, like most marketing statements, they conceal the fragility of our natural environment, which has been under attack for a great many more years than the discovery of Global Warming.

In fact, global warming is the culmination of a host of human generated factors working to destroy the earth as we know it.

Unsustainable use of limited and dwindling biological resources is the main threat to our biodiversity.  Timber extraction, over production of charcoal, collection of rare plants for horticulture, hunting and egg collection and the sale of native animals and fish as pets, have created scarcities, destabilisation and inevitable destruction, erosion and extinction.

Agricultural over development and large scale land clearance, originally for sugar cane, began in the 16th century with European colonialism, increasing during the 18th and 19th centuries and has lead to wholesale deforestation throughout the region.

The banana boom of the 1970s and 80s intensified the deforestation predominantly in the windward islands.

Streams and rivers were rerouted, hillsides were over cultivated
by a rise in cocoa, coffee and tobacco, leaving large tracts of land abandoned and infertile after the over cultivation of cotton and sugar.  These in turn were used as pasture for a considerable increase in livestock production.

Overgrazing permanently altered the native vegetation and destroyed forest areas, leaving only scrub.

The invasion of alien species of goats, cats, pigs and rats lead to 50% of indigenous extinctions in our island environments.

The dramatic increase of populations, economies, urban industrial and commercial developments and supporting infrastructure, as well as widespread tourism facilities has had a profound impact on coastal, beach and coral reef deterioration.

Sadly, the majority of these negative impacts have come at an incalculable cost to natural island ecosystems.

With this backdrop, COASTAL works assiduously with clients and developers to jointly expedite projects and improve the ecosystem to ensure some degree of regeneration.  At the very least, the company can work towards halting deterioration, by using solutions which replenish and avert disaster.

If an area is to be developed for human habitation, then it should be engineered to create an alternative, positive and regenerative environment, through the use of natural forces combined with defensive elements such as groins, revetments and floating, non invasive construction.

COASTAL’s recent work in the Turks and Caicos Islands reflect those goals, given the extremely low topography and lack of native vegetation.  Strong tides and winds and poor soil create an environment which requires a solid understanding of coastal degradation to arrest the annual ravages of nature.

All of this to create a true tropical tourism experience.

From planning and good science, engineering and interpretation
of future weather patterns, to excellent construction and installation capabilities, COASTAL has the specialist skills to create and refurbish our delicate islands, making each project durable and sustainable.

We welcome new and diverse proposals and challenges
to improve our environment.

design and build inshore engineering throughout the region
and are an integral part of

The CMS Group
Better science and quality in our finished products.

COASTAL DESIGN BUILD Enid Capron’s new playground in TCI
COASTAL, with other local contractors were invited to make a contribution to the development of a playground at the Enid Capron Primary school, Turks and Caicos.
CMS | Sand Probing and Anchoring in The Grenadines
CMS were asked to sand probe underwater areas in The Grenadines, to install Manta Ray anchors, to create easily accessible moorings.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD South Bank Hydraulic Bridge TCI
COASTAL was contracted to design, develop and install an hydraulic swing bridge system in the new and innovative South Bank Development, TCI.
COASTAL building solutions for our fragile islands
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD has the specialist building solutions to create and refurbish our delicate islands, making each project durable and sustainable.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD excellence in regional engineering
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD provides inshore engineering excellence throughout the region securing our islands and future with smart construction.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD management and preservation
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD provides excellence in regional engineering, securing our foundations our coast, and our future with smart construction.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD South Bank Floating Docks
CMDB developed and installed floating docks for the marina front of the South Bank residential and marina development, Providenciales TCI
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD salvage a sunken steel tug.
CMDB crew salvage a sunken steel tug, located on the site of a new floating dock installation of the South Bank Marina, Providenciales, TCI.
Swiss Cheese is our COASTAL landing craft
Swiss Cheese, aka Seaweed, is our refurbished COASTAL landing craft and spud barge, ready for marine construction operations in TCI.
Our Crane Barge Operation
With ATI, our barge haulage partners, 
we offer our Crane Barge operation, for coastal construction within the region and South America.
Emerald Point Groyne TCI

CMDB recently completed the Emerald Point groyne in Providenciales, TCI.  The 600ft long terminal groyne was constructed to prevent coastal erosion of beach assets.  

Salacia House TCI

Salacia House, a beach front property in the Turks and Caicos Islands, required a revetment to reduce coastal erosion and enhanced beach access.