Our Message for 2019 is DIP!

We recognise that the message of our innovative Ductile Iron Pile technology
is now reaching out across the Caribbean Region.

2018 was filled with introductions and actions, as project developers and construction professionals recognise the phenomenal savings and ease of use when placing DIP at their core of their projects.

Cost effective solutions in the building industry are truly hard to find, as are affordable new technologies which impact positively at every point of project development and implementation.

The CMS Plug&Drive® Pile System does just that.

DIP is more than high quality, functional foundation technology.
It creates organisation, with minimal wastage, maximum speed, accuracy, dependability and the opportunity to rationalise costs
on any site.

The learning curve is simple, while the tooling is low key.

The science and technology just makes sense.

CMS is a fully fledged construction company, well versed in finding solutions to onshore and inshore piling and foundation problems, often in challenging environments.

The combination of DIP and vinyl sheet piling changes the landscape of possibilities, economically reclaiming previously disregarded coastal and unstable lands and allowing architects and engineers the freedom to design projects with adventurous use of limited space, creating durable outcomes.

However, in construction terms, DIP is for small as well as large.
It’s for everyone who wishes a cost effective solution to shipping, importation, storage, site deployment, foundations and building
at pace.

The CMS Plug&Drive® Pile System meets and exceeds deadline expectations, installs in awkward environments and causes little or no soil disturbance or damaging vibration to existing structures.

Our Caribbean construction sector has worked hard for many years to meet constantly evolving standards using often cumbersome materials with large quantities of wastage.  These come with high project costs and overruns, which otherwise could have been channeled into better and more beneficial design.

DIP, in contrast, is a fresh, light approach which benefits all parties within the project, while meeting and exceeding evolving specifications and leaving budgetary benefits.

Whatever the scale of your new year’s project, be you financier, developer, designer or contractor, contact us first and discover how CMS and DIP can make your project a very Happy New Year.

We look forward to building a better Caribbean in 2019 with DIP!

We invite you
to view our
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