The CMS Group | Changing the Quality of Caribbean Construction

It all begins with an issue; 

deterioration, change, improvement, access, environmental destruction, nature, whatever we wish to call it.  It requires special attention, engineers innovation and draftsmanship, a construction company who understands materials and has the will and experience to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Above all it requires attention to detail.

As experienced and dedicated as regional construction companies can be, they seldom touch on the bigger picture of erosion, unstable soil structure, coastal decay or environmental impact and the need for better science and understanding.

That’s where The CMS Group began,
and continues to grow.

We build ideas and innovations, develop solutions with an array of long term advantages and think our way through projects, long before they even become drawings.  Then we apply engineering and environmental experience to find the best possible answers.

Materials, techniques and labour may often appear similar, from job to job, but they seldom are.  Each problem, and solution is as unique as each island and demand the CMS Group’s dedication and flexibility.

We bring science, technology, logic and efficiency to the table, to take on projects, which only a few years ago, were exceptionally difficult for the regional construction industry.

We have fused on-land, coastal and marine construction work and invested in the knowledge, equipment, training and manpower to successfully complete traditionally complex projects, in record time with durable and reliable results.

Our piling and foundation work significantly reduces site construction costs and delays, while minimising clean ups and site disruption.

Through the use of sea groynes, DIP, vinyl sheet and CFA piling and revetments, COASTAL DESIGN BUILD continues to save and protect beaches, waterfronts and coastlines throughout our islands.

CMSCS is our inland construction component, doing the heavy lifting where high volume piling and production are required.

Our regional relationship with ATI Puerto Rico allows us to mobilise large quantities of equipment and materials to Caribbean and coastal Central and South American destinations.

At sea or on land, and somewhere
in-between, we are foundation specialists, creating anchors and stabilising building work for fresh ventures.

The CMS Group now makes it possible to reduce development costs with absolute confidence that our solutions are durable and long lasting, in an environmentally challenging region.

We are a key component to successful, cost effective construction in the Caribbean.

Call us today.  Talk out your project with us. 

Our project input
is bound to improve your construction output.

Efficient, timely, safe and on budget.

*Please be advised that our CFA piling technology is presently available in the Turks and Caicos Islands. However, we welcome foundation and construction inquiries from other territories which encounter similar soil considerations to TCI.

The CMS Group
Better science and quality in our finished products.

COASTAL DESIGN BUILD Enid Capron’s new playground in TCI
COASTAL, with other local contractors were invited to make a contribution to the development of a playground at the Enid Capron Primary school, Turks and Caicos.
CMS | Sand Probing and Anchoring in The Grenadines
CMS were asked to sand probe underwater areas in The Grenadines, to install Manta Ray anchors, to create easily accessible moorings.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD South Bank Hydraulic Bridge TCI
COASTAL was contracted to design, develop and install an hydraulic swing bridge system in the new and innovative South Bank Development, TCI.
COASTAL building solutions for our fragile islands
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD has the specialist building solutions to create and refurbish our delicate islands, making each project durable and sustainable.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD excellence in regional engineering
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD provides inshore engineering excellence throughout the region securing our islands and future with smart construction.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD management and preservation
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD provides excellence in regional engineering, securing our foundations our coast, and our future with smart construction.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD South Bank Floating Docks
CMDB developed and installed floating docks for the marina front of the South Bank residential and marina development, Providenciales TCI
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD salvage a sunken steel tug.
CMDB crew salvage a sunken steel tug, located on the site of a new floating dock installation of the South Bank Marina, Providenciales, TCI.
Swiss Cheese is our COASTAL landing craft
Swiss Cheese, aka Seaweed, is our refurbished COASTAL landing craft and spud barge, ready for marine construction operations in TCI.
Our Crane Barge Operation
With ATI, our barge haulage partners, 
we offer our Crane Barge operation, for coastal construction within the region and South America.
Emerald Point Groyne TCI

CMDB recently completed the Emerald Point groyne in Providenciales, TCI.  The 600ft long terminal groyne was constructed to prevent coastal erosion of beach assets.  

Salacia House TCI

Salacia House, a beach front property in the Turks and Caicos Islands, required a revetment to reduce coastal erosion and enhanced beach access.