The CMS Group

Moving Forward

Things don’t change without momentum and we never find a reason to create that, when we are comfortable with what works.  We just don’t fix it.

The Caribbean construction industry has many challenges.  Not least, the will to find better technology, call everyone to much higher standards and really bring science to bear, with a will to confront and dispel the global environmental impacts on our comfortable world.

It stands to reason that a region so beset with erosion and climatic deterioration should secure its coasts, foundations, waterways and hillsides, control its water resources and build better for much longer.

In the past, all of that came with complex engineering at a preclusive price which most islands, be they private or public sector driven initiatives, could barely consider, let alone afford.

Coming from a maritime and environmental background, CMS saw the problem on a regional scale, searched for the science, technology and materials which could break the deadlock on this ever present construction difficulty and discovered contemporary piling.

The concept of Plug&Drive© Ductile Iron Piling is based on a collection of streamlined principles to create durable, dependable, flexible and easily installed piles to secure constructions in all manner of soil conditions, at pace, with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

DIP does just that, with a significant saving in labour, 
site disruption and difficult setup costs.

It’s tooling is minimal and its impact is enormous.

DIP changes the manner in which everything from making difficult jobs probable, to budgets possible.  Tips and tricks apart, installation training is not a steep learning curve and Plug&Drive© DIP was designed for social distancing, without a large crew in a small space.

We’ve itemised the key benefits of DIP below:

  • Ease of Shipping. In 20ft. containers.
  • Specialised technical and easy to ship equipment.
  • Fast installation. Piling Rates up to 200m per day per rig.
  • Cost effective. Saving up to 70% of traditional piling costs 
    of precast or steel encased concrete piling.
  • Flexible. Pile anywhere a 30 ton excavator can go. Piles can be driven less than a metre from existing structures and inside some buildings.
  • Environmentally Friendly. No spoil created. Low VibrationLess Noise.
  • Self Proving. A driven pile is a tested pile.
  • Immediate follow-on ConstructionNo site disruption.
  • Decades of proven success in foundations in and outside of the Caribbean.
  • Our experienced small crew operations function well, within COVID-19 protocols of social distancing and sanitation.  This is especially useful where time/ risk is of the essence.

View our DIP presentation.

Our parallel technology to secure especially insidious erosion, whether unstable land and hillsides onshore, or coastal drifts and water’s edge deterioration is based around sheet piling, in various forms, large stone groins and revetments.

Each blocks or redirects persistent tidal damage, enabling onshore assets to be utilised to full potential, with considerable resistance to forces of nature.

“It’s not what you’ve got but the way that you use it…That’s what gets results!”

The CMS Group comprises engineering, marine and construction techniques, with specialist teams, to arrive at sustainable solutions, designed to fit with budget and time constraints.

We even offer training in DIP and sheet piling installation, to assist construction companies in developing skills and fresh building ideas.

CMS also partners with and relies upon other companies who supply different perspectives and skills to enhance our work.  American Tugs and Barge Inc (ATI), Puerto Rico, provide cargo barge services to CMS projects, in various regional locations and allow us to execute large scale coastal, beach and waterway work, with the right materials, delivered to facilitate maximum efficiency.

As our work branches out, so will our partnerships.  We appreciate talented businesses and individual who bring fresh skills.

Getting those results is what the whole industry is about.  Superb solutions, on time and budget. Durable answers in a less than stable environment.  The active use of common sense science and technology for the betterment of the region and its development.  
Plus, of course, value for money.

Make the change and call us.

COASTAL DESIGN BUILD Enid Capron’s new playground in TCI
COASTAL, with other local contractors were invited to make a contribution to the development of a playground at the Enid Capron Primary school, Turks and Caicos.
The CMS Group | Multiple Construction environments
The CMS Group combine marine & onshore construction work, with an impressive portfolio of multiple construction environments.
CMS | Sand Probing and Anchoring in The Grenadines
CMS were asked to sand probe underwater areas in The Grenadines, to install Manta Ray anchors, to create easily accessible moorings.
The CMS Group | Every construction project deserves innovation
We are specialists who improve each project in which we are included, while updating the approach of the Caribbean construction industry.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD South Bank Hydraulic Bridge TCI
COASTAL was contracted to design, develop and install an hydraulic swing bridge system in the new and innovative South Bank Development, TCI.
The CMS Group | changing the quality of Caribbean construction
The CMS Group fuse on-land coastal and marine construction to complete complex projects in record time with durable and reliable results
Accomplish remarkable construction productivity with CFA piling by CMSCS
Recognizing that CFA piles are ideal for the soil of the Turks and Caicos Islands, CMSCS has added this to its specialist foundation skills.
The CMS Group | Coastal, inshore and Island wide
The CMS Group work to secure coastal and inland erosion, correcting and enhancing poor environmental management with better science.
COASTAL building solutions for our fragile islands
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD has the specialist building solutions to create and refurbish our delicate islands, making each project durable and sustainable.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD excellence in regional engineering
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD provides inshore engineering excellence throughout the region securing our islands and future with smart construction.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD management and preservation
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD provides excellence in regional engineering, securing our foundations our coast, and our future with smart construction.
COASTAL DESIGN BUILD South Bank Floating Docks
CMDB developed and installed floating docks for the marina front of the South Bank residential and marina development, Providenciales TCI