What AqSep WaterMakers do
a realistic alternative to traditional water supplies, making fresh water from the sea

The AqSep WaterMaker provides an efficient, reliable and cost effective answer to creating fresh water from the sea, while removing dependencies on traditional services.

AqSep WaterMakers purify salt/sea or brackish water into high quality drinking water using the Reverse Osmosis (RO) process. 
Salt water RO is a separation process, using high pressure to force salt/sea water through a membrane, which retains all salts 
and other dissolved and suspended matters, on one side

and allows only pure water to pass to the other side,
without the use of chemicals of any kind. 

The AqSep WaterMaker

  • Establishes your own water supply or back-up water, removing municipal dependencies and inconsistencies.
  • Creates abundant water 
    to service all of your requirements 24/7 365.
  • Produces mineral water quality 
    Completely clean, odourless and tasteless.
  • Compact design, created to fit any scale of environment which has ventilation and protection from the elements.
  • Is environmentally friendly, with low energy consumption and carbon footprint, devoid of chemicals and oil.
  • Has a long service life, efficient units, with optimised components, designed to purify, automatically
    and unattended.
  • With low production costs
    At full capacity it will cost less than $2 per day
  • And a low cost of ownership, with a total cost, including depreciation, as low as US$ 10 per day.

They can be used in coastal areas and on islands
where normal sources of fresh water are limited 
and/or of bad quality.

The unit is not only suited for private homeowners,
but can also be used in hospitals and health clinics 
and for remote communities.

We welcome proposals for innovative uses.

We invite you to view our presentation and discover 
a realistic alternative to traditional water supplies,
making fresh water from the sea.

AqSep A/S is an international company and a leader in the development of small decentralised water purification systems & solutions.

AqSep WaterMakers purify salt/sea or brackish water into high quality drinking water using the Reverse Osmosis (RO) process...and a whole lot more!

AqSep WaterMakers create fresh water from the sea. Models range from 4800 to 22000 litres per day.  Ideal for coastal private homes and resorts.