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Enid Capron's new playground

Coastal Design Build Limited, with other local contractors were invited to make a contribution to the development of a playground at the Enid Capron Primary school, Turks and Caicos.

This project is of particular significance to our graduate project manager Lashano Pierre, as this institution was the primary school that he attended.  It also reflects our company's core values of community interaction and employee empowerment.
Lashano utilised his skills, developed with Coastal, to bring
this project to fruition. 

He stated “ Being a part of Coastal, the option is always there to
take part in community events.  In fact, the company directors
Sam Verity and Chris Hylton are always supportive and push
me to try and do better for my community”.

Due to the nature of the site, a retaining wall was required, to bring the proposed playground to level. Coastal, who took on the task of design and construction, were aided with materials donated by Island Drilling and CBMS.

Coastal is delighted to have been given the opportunity to assist in the school’s infrastructural development, improving the environment for future pupils of the Turks community.

Featured above R to L:
Mrs. Sophia Garland (principal, ECPS) 
Mr Lashano Pierre, on behalf of Coastal 
and Mrs. Nelene Swann (vice principal, ECPS)

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COASTAL, with other local contractors were invited to make a contribution to the development of a playground at the Enid Capron Primary school, Turks and Caicos.
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