Inshore Piling Services

CMS installs Vinyl Sheet Piles along with all forms of steel, wood and fibreglass piles for marina and jetty projects, using our 
shallow-water crane barge which carries 
a variety of piling equipment.

We specialise in Vinyl Sheet Pile installation

to stabilise land/ water margins, where corrosion is rampant, due to the combination of high water temperatures and highly active marine organisms.  Vinyl has a high resistance to corrosion and long lifespan, making it an ideal solution in Caribbean waters.

Inshore installation requires versatile equipment

We operate the “Piton Piler” a 50 ft. self-propelled shallow water barge, capable of carrying up to 30 tons of heavy equipment, crane, excavator etc. and most forms of piling equipment.

Completely rebuilt in 2014, the barge is a working platform for all types of marine piling.  CMS has constructed most of the new docks and jetties, boat lifts and sea defences in St Lucia, 
over the past 7 years, including those at The Landings Resort, Marigot Bay, Calabash Cove, Ti Kaye Village and the Pigeon Island National Park.