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Huge Cost Savings with DIP…

CMS has supplied and installed thousands of meters of piles throughout the Windward and Leeward Islands and has proven that DIP provides huge potential savings
of up to 70% of the value 
of traditional precast or steel encased concrete piling.

These are some
of the reasons why…

Ease of Shipping. In 20ft. containers.

 Low mobilisation costs. Simple, small scale equipment.

Fast installation. Piling Rates up to 200m per day.

Cost effective. Saving up to 70% of traditional piling costs.

Flexible. Pile anywhere a 30 ton excavator can go.
    Piles can be driven less than a metre from existing structures
    and inside some buildings.

Environmentally Friendly. No spoil created. Low Vibration.
    Less Noise.

Self Proving. A driven pile is a tested pile.

Immediate follow-on Construction.
    No curing or site disruption.

Decades of proven success in foundations
    outside the Caribbean.

Sharing the innovation

CMS, as the manufacturer’s representatives for the region,
as well as an industry contractor, offer their services
at all levels to facilitate the change to better technology.

From modifying existing foundation designs to utilise DIP,
to training companies to install DIP or to full blown
CMS installation programmes

CMS is making sure that Ductile Iron Piling is available
as a cost effective reality throughout the Caribbean.

Built on DIP Foundations by CMS

Huge Cost Savings with DIP
CMS has proven 
that DIP provides huge potential cost savings of up to 70% of the value 
of traditional precast or steel encased concrete piling.
DIP Capability and Environmental Impact
Ductile iron Piles can be driven at angles up to 45°, exponentially expanding the range of pile uses. They produce minimal ground disturbance even in close proximity to existing structures.
DIP Engineering
The Plug&Drive© DIP pile system's precision engineering consists of self locking joints,
 built for durability, consistency, strength and ease of installation.
Mobility and Adaptability
The Plug&Drive© DIP pile system's mobility and adaptability is due to compact,
 lightweight equipment and a comprehensive array of well designed accessories.
Dry Driven for End Bearing Piles
End Bearing Ductile Iron Piles are ‘Dry Driven’ into the ground until they reach practical refusal. Fast and cost effective to install in areas of bedrock or very dense, cohesive strata.
Grouted Annulus for Skin Friction Piles
Grouted Annulus for Skin Friction Piles is a simultaneous driving and grout injection method to install DIPs, creating skin friction and corrosion protection.