The Construction Revolution has arrived!

CMS are specialists in onshore and inshore piling,
coastal development and marine engineering.

The Construction Revolution is here.

It's a fusion of practicality, technology, adaptability and pace
and has already paved the way for new perceptions in
Caribbean construction.
This has placed the company firmly within the grasp
of major projects throughout the islands.

With our in depth knowledge in Ductile Iron Piling and Vinyl Sheet Piling, excellent manufacturer support and our marine roots, we are changing the landscape to affordable, reliable and durable building techniques.

All too often, unimaginative design and poor quality over building
have pushed budgets to a sad and inevitable acceptance of unimaginable overruns.  This in turn, has given rise to development reluctance and industry inertia.

Our approach is fresh and solution driven,
with minimum wastage at the best possible cost,
firmly at its core.

These goals would not be possible without a well chosen team of specialists, willing to embrace new concepts, superior streamlined technology and fine details.

Our staff have worked in a variety of high stress environments,
where precision is the key, both on, in and off shore. That’s why,
when we mobilize for every contract, CMS gets things done.

It would be fair to say that we are on a regional recruitment drive, exposing the construction industry to better technology, regenerate development and bring eco friendly coastal refurbishment to all areas where previously,
all seemed lost.

This is especially true, in the case of our regional hotel and tourism sector, constantly at risk from hurricane strength storms, destabilizing existing structures and creating catastrophic
beach erosion.

Prudent use of DIP and Sheet Piling, along with
dedicated design, will protect existing infrastructure,
while allowing for future developments with minimal disruption.

Off shore breakwaters, better dock and foundation piling, 
dredging and Sheerscape retaining structures, have already
reduced the ravages of our new found weather turbulence.

Sharing the innovation

We recognize that as loud as our clarion call may be, we cannot bring about this positive change, without the committed involvement of
the industry.

  • CMS spreads the word as industry consultants, by redrafting projects to accommodate DIP and other innovations, training contractors’ key staff and overseeing projects to successful conclusions.
  • As manufacturers’ representatives for the region,
    we can supply all necessary materials, equipment
    and specialized support for our projects.
  • CMS offers end to end construction services to encompass all stages of building.

We invite you to view our introductory DIP video

then contact us to discuss how together with CMS, your next project will use an easily transported, user friendly, intelligently designed, reliable, quickly installed, simply deployed and managed and cost effective foundation system which pales its competitors in overall performance.

CMS can become a vital component to your architectural project,
a reliable contractor when your problems require trusted,
durable solutions and an expert, quality construction company,
for key land security and reclamation work.

Contact us today to learn more about the CMS revolution.