Molasses Tanker Moorings
St. Lucia Distillers.

CMSCS is in the process of installing two heavy duty mooring bollards on Roseau Beach, 
St. Lucia, to improve the safety of mooring molasses tankers, delivering to the Distillery.

The first bollard has been completed, as illustrated above, but installation of the second has been delayed by the current work restrictions imposed by the St Lucia Government to combat the spread of Coronavirus.

The image above shows the construction of the shoring for casting the anchor block, utilising vinyl sheet piles.

Once the vinyl sheet piling is installed, the shoring acts as a coffer dam as well as a form for the concrete. The excavation can be dewatered by pumping, leaving the formwork dry for the installation of steel and concrete.

2 ¼” bolts are used to finally bolt down the mooring bollard once the concrete is sufficiently cured and the formwork removed.

These moorings are designed for a working load bollard pull, in excess of 80 tons each,
to accommodate large tankers such as the vessel below, from Surinam, during the molasses pumping operations.

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Tanker moorings for St Lucia Distillers
CMS is in process of installing two heavy duty mooring bollards on Roseau Beach to improve the safety of mooring molasses tankers delivering to the Distillery.