[service icon=”bullseye” title=”Onshore Piling”]pile1CMS specialises in the installation of Ductile Iron Piles – DIP – a uniquely economic and practical solution for building foundations in islands where the alternative is to import reinforced concrete or steel piles.
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Kitama Augustin - Office Manager

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floating2CMS installs Vinyl Sheet Piles along with all forms of steel, wood and fibreglass piles for marina and jetty projects.
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CMS provides a comprehensive range of static and dynamic Pile Testing services.

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CMS provides a range of marine and conventional onshore construction, engineering, surveying and installation services.

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We work directly with Coulon pieux battus sarl, the exclusive Caribbean agent for DIP piles manufactured by TRM of Austria and with Crane Material International (CMI) the inventor and principal manufacturer of Vinyl Sheet Piles, to generate unique engineering solutions to each piling challenge.[/service]