Portfolio and Clients

DIP foundations for LUCELEC

CMS installed DIP foundations for a new generator within a few feet of an existing operating generator set
for LUCELEC, the electricity utility in St Lucia, where vibration would have caused major problems.

DIP foundations for Koi Hotel St. Kitts

CMS installed DIP foundations for the first Phase of the new Koi Hotel in Half Moon Bay, St Kitts
in less than half the time and at less than half the cost of a conventional piling programme using imported materials.

DIP foundations for new Harbour Club Hotel, St. Lucia

CMS installed DIP foundations for the new Dive Centre and 7 storey Harbour Club Hotel
in Rodney Bay, St Lucia, where the depth to bedrock varied widely, but in places was less than 2 metres.

DIP foundations for the new ‘I Hotel’ in St Lucia

CMS installed DIP foundations for the new “I Hotel” in St Lucia
within a few hundred feet of the existing Cotton Bay Resort Village, 
without major disturbance to existing hotel guests.

Vessel Salvage

Installation and maintenance of municipal marine structures and vessel salvage
for St Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority and St Lucia Fisheries Department.

St Lucia Financial Centre

Pile Testing for St Lucia Financial Centre.

Dive Centre St. Lucia

Foundation piling and testing for Dive training facility, sheet piling,
dock construction and boat lift installation.

Calabash Cove Resort St. Lucia

Beach regeneration and sea defences.

Harmony Suites and The Edge Restaurant St. Lucia

Waterside restaurant and dock reconstruction.

Le Sport Hotel St. Lucia

Installation and maintenance of underwater pipe lines and pumping facilities
and installation and testing of rock anchored substructure for new spa facility.

IGY Marina Rodney Bay St. Lucia

Mooring and Demarkation Buoy Installation and Maintenance, piling and salvage works.

The Landings St. Lucia

Installation of Floating Pontoons and Dredging.

Soufriere Marine Management Association St. Lucia

Salvage works related to sinking of container ship.

Marigot Bay Marina St. Lucia

Dredging, Mooring and De-markation Buoy Installation and Maintenance,
dock construction and maintenance.

St. Lucia National Trust

Surface water drainage, jetty installation and sea defence installations, Pigeon Island.

Department of Fisheries St. Lucia

FAD construction and installation.

Discovery Marigot Bay St. Lucia

beach regeneration and sand nourishment.

Marigot Bay Marina St. Lucia

channel marker maintenance.