Onshore Piling Services

CMS specializes in the installation of Ductile Iron Piles

Also known as ‘DIP’, Ductile Iron Piles provide an economic solution for many building foundation, slope stabilization and bridge construction projects and can be dry driven or grouted. DIP solutions are particularly appropriate in the Caribbean where some or all of the following conditions apply:

  • Conventional reinforced concrete or steel piles are not manufactured and have to be imported, incurring high cost of materials, freight, handling, taxes and duties.
    By contrast, DIP are low cost, easily transported and handled, quick to install and have comparable load-bearing characteristics to conventional piles.
  • There is low tolerance to the noise and vibration of conventional piling by drop-hammers, e.g. operating near hospitality areas, or close to sensitive machinery.
    DIP installation is relatively quiet and generates minimal vibration.
  • Sites have poor accessibility.
    DIP are installed using the hydraulics of an excavator boom to drive the piling hammer, so piles can be installed anywhere an excavator can go.
  • Sites have minimal facilities for material storage and handling.
    DIP sections are shipped in 20 ft. containers and easily stored.