Emerald Point Groyne
Providenciales, TCI.

CMDB recently completed the Emerald Point groyne in Providenciales, TCI.
The 600ft long terminal groyne was constructed to mitigate coastal erosion of valuable beach front property in the Leeward channel in Providenciales and encourage natural
re-nourishment of the beach by encouraging the deposition of sand.

Providenciales, known locally as Provo, is an island in the Turks and Caicos archipelago. It is ringed by soft, sandy beaches, making them prone to often severe erosion, especially when subjected to storm conditions and changing currents.  

A groyne functions as a physical barrier by intercepting sand moving along the shore.
It does this by producing a sheltered environment in which sand can settle out of suspension. Often a groyne will also physically protect a beach from coastal erosion in extreme weather events.

Approach, Execution and Workmanship
The CMS Group established a regional presence by creating confidence in approach, execution and workmanship, being specialists in contemporary technology.
Making the Change in Regional Construction
There is little doubt that the world has changed and at The CMS Group, we are making the change in Regional Construction smarter with a positive impact.
Re-opening Construction Sites
The CMS Group work in many places throughout the Caribbean. Construction sites, closed due to COVID-19, are slowly reopening with new protocols.
Foundation Piling for St Lucia Distillers

CMS is in the final stages of completing the installation of 336 “dry-driven” Ductile Iron Piles to an average depth of 45 meters as the foundation of two new Rum Storage Warehouses at the Distillery site in Roseau, St Lucia.

Tanker moorings for St Lucia Distillers
CMS is in process of installing two heavy duty mooring bollards on Roseau Beach to improve the safety of mooring molasses tankers delivering to the Distillery.
Emerald Point Groyne TCI

CMDB recently completed the Emerald Point groyne in Providenciales, TCI.  The 600ft long terminal groyne was constructed to prevent coastal erosion of beach assets.  

Salacia House TCI

Salacia House, a beach front property in the Turks and Caicos Islands, required a revetment to reduce coastal erosion and enhanced beach access.

CMS Bathymetric Survey IGY Marina

CMS carried out a Bathymetric Survey for the channel entrance of IGY Marina, Rodney Bay, St Lucia.

Repairs to the RO intake Le Sport

Repairs to the submerged Reverse Osmosis, or 'RO' intake, which supplies seawater to the desalination system at Le Sport Hotel, St Lucia.

Sand and more for Glenconner Beach

Supply of sand for beach enhancement and concrete access road and jetty construction, for Glenconner Beach, Soufriere, St Lucia.

Timber Dock Marigot Bay

Construction of a timber dock in Marigot Bay, St. Lucia, using timber piles and decking.

Funicular Lift at Oasis Marigot

Reconstruction of the funicular lift, from Marigot Beach Club to Oasis Marigot Villas. The lift travels from 40ft., to 200ft. above sea level.