[feature icon=”hand-o-right” title=”CMS Overview” color=”4″]CMS is a dynamic and innovative company, specializing in onshore and inshore piling, construction and marine engineering within the Caribbean Region.

We install pilings which we design to suit each environment in which we work.

The customization and use of non traditional, state-of-the-art piling systems ensures minimal environmental impact, increased installation speed, minimal material wastage and consequently a lower project cost for our clients.[/feature][feature icon=”anchor” title=”Our History” color=”4″]CMS was founded in 2004, initially as a shallow-water marine contractor, building docks and jetties, restoring beaches, laying mooring buoys, building/repairing sea defences, dredging and boat maintenance.  The company was acquired in 2008, by the present owners, Sam Verity and Kelsey Kerridge.  Sam and Kelsey originally expanded the range of company services to include beach restoration and the installation of boat lifts, then diversified to onshore piling in late 2011.[/feature][feature icon=”flag” title=”Mission Statement” color=”4″]To implement low cost and efficient solutions to the piling of foundations for buildings and marine structures in Caribbean islands where the costs of imported materials and specialist services are generally very high.[/feature][feature icon=”suitcase” title=”Mobilization” color=”4″]CMS is based in St Lucia but can mobilise with its piling equipment to any Caribbean island in about ten days. Projects have been carried out recently in St Kitts, Grenada and Guyana and projects are under review in Turks & Caicos, Aruba and Haiti.[/feature]

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