The Guyana Experience
How CMSCS Guyana brings contemporary technology to bear 
in a challenging environment.

Guyana poses a wide range of
eco challenges for construction
and development.

Variable soils, temperature and humidity conditions, moisture and topography along with natural paths for water courses, rivers, offshore drift, and accumulated sand bars, have made construction costly and technically challenging with traditional building systems.

Old costly systems drag work time with over extending budgets, often leaving promising projects under funded. Costly over runs often occur because of outmoded and questionably reliable techniques.

Better science, engineering and technology play well in this environment.

Excellent foundations and reliable anchors, installed at pace and designed to work with traditional or new building systems, change the budget landscape.  Less manpower, material wastage, easy deployment, cleaner site conditions and onsite testing, with knowledgeable staff, bring smart, efficient beginnings to each and every project development.

We are specialists in our field.  

We make our eco assessments at the beginning of every project. Something we have enormous experience with, having begun our journey in the complex island environments of the Eastern Caribbean.

Our considerations range from environmental and community disturbance, to deployment and storage of materials and equipment, storage and disposal of earthworks and waste materials, pre, during and post construction housekeeping and any added value for the area, which can be placed into the design within budgetary requirements.

Guyana is a new frontier for new ideas.
Fresh thinking and doing.  
Thats where CMSCS thrives

developers can benefit.

The Plug&Drive DIP System enables us to deliver on time and budget, state of the art foundations, in a clean trouble free environment, devoid of all the site trappings usually associated with this construction phase.  

Our inland, coastal and waters edge engineering solutions and innovations reclaim valuable real estate while establishing durable and long lasting devices to control and minimise instability and erosion.

If you want your project to endure, We utilise the right technology for the right project. 

There is, often contrary to common assumption, 
no ‘one size fits all’ solution to building. 

From groins and revetments to landings, major office and public buildings, docks and even adjustable bridges, wherever your project requires strong anchors and foundations and well engineered solutions to construction difficulties, our reliable work will stabilise your development.