Inshore Piling Services

We specialise in
Vinyl Sheet Pile installation

to stabilise land/water margins, where their high resistance to corrosion and long life make an ideal solution in Caribbean waters, where corrosion is rampant, due to the combination of high water temperatures and highly active marine organisms.

CMS installs
all forms of steel, wood and fibreglass piles for marina and jetty projects, using our shallow-water crane barge which carries a variety of piling equipment.

We operate the “Piton Piler” a 50 ft. self-propelled shallow water barge, capable of carrying up to 30 tons of heavy equipment, crane, excavator etc. and most forms of piling equipment.

Completely rebuilt in 2014, the barge is a working platform for all types of marine piling.  CMS has constructed most of the new docks and jetties, boat lifts and sea defences in St Lucia, over the past 7 years, including those at The Landings Resort, Marigot Bay, Calabash Cove, Ti Kaye Village and the Pigeon Island National Park.

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