CMDB South Bank Floating Docks 
for the South Bank Marina redevelopment in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos.

Providenciales in Turks and Caicos continues to be a booming Caribbean tourism investment market as the new residential resort of South Bank takes shape.

It’s a combination residential and marina development on Long Bay Beach, on the southern coast of Providenciales.

South Bank sports a collection of ‘neighbourhoods’.  Beachfront, waterfront and marina front are the choice of properties on offer.

CMDB were contracted to develop and install the floating docks for the marina front facet of construction.

For more information on South Bank, go to: https://livesouthbank.com

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CMDB South Bank Floating Docks
CMDB developed and installed floating docks for the marina front of the South Bank residential and marina development, Providenciales TCI
CMDB salvage a sunken steel tug.
CMDB crew salvage a sunken steel tug, located on the site of a new floating dock installation of the South Bank Marina, Providenciales, TCI.
Swiss Cheese is our COASTAL landing craft
Swiss Cheese, aka Seaweed, is our refurbished COASTAL landing craft and spud barge, ready for marine construction operations in TCI.
Our Crane Barge Operation
With ATI, our barge haulage partners, 
we offer our Crane Barge operation, for coastal construction within the region and South America.
Emerald Point Groyne TCI

CMDB recently completed the Emerald Point groyne in Providenciales, TCI.  The 600ft long terminal groyne was constructed to prevent coastal erosion of beach assets.  

Salacia House TCI

Salacia House, a beach front property in the Turks and Caicos Islands, required a revetment to reduce coastal erosion and enhanced beach access.

Sand and more for Glenconner Beach

Supply of sand for beach enhancement and concrete access road and jetty construction, for Glenconner Beach, Soufriere, St Lucia.

Blue Cay project – Turks & Caicos Islands
In 2017-2018, CMSCS and Smith Warner International of Jamaica, through their joint venture company, CMDB, undertook the water front construction and engineering works for the Blue Cay Project, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands.