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New Jetties at Praslin Bay and Savannes Bay

New Jetties at Praslin Bay and Savannes Bay

Both the safety and efficiency of the fishermen have been greatly improved by the building of these new docks, the one in Praslin Bay, extending more than 100 metres out to sea and making it much easier for the fishermen to launch their boats, bring them in, and safely unload their catch.

The risk of personal injury to the men as well as the risk of damage to their vessels from using the old, unsafe jetties and having to drag
the boats up onto the beach every day, has now been eliminated.

A similar 100 metre dock was also constructed at Savannes Bay
for the same reasons, and these two jetties have reportedly made
a hugely positive difference to the fishing industry on the East coast.

New fishing docks had been promised to these communities by
the Government for many years and CMS has made them happen, completing both docks ahead of time and on budget.

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Dealing with the Sargassum in Praslin

Dealing with the Sargassum in Praslin

When commissioned to solve long standing environmental
and construction problems, particularly in locations affected by unpredictable tide and weather conditions, CMS is known for using inventive modern techniques and creating new ways of dealing with old problems.

This was certainly the case with the sargassum problem
in Praslin Bay, St. Lucia.

After considerable investigation and experimentation, and much to the relief of the local community, CMS finally managed to remove
the sargassum seaweed, by using an innovative drag net, which they designed and constructed.

Many different solutions were reviewed, but because of the very difficult access for larger vessels on the East coast and the very shallow nature of the bay itself, a unique solution had to be found,
to get at and remove the seaweed from the water.

The sargassum was removed from the water and allowed to rot
down to compostable material onshore, from where it will be used by the local community as fertilizer.

Discussions with one environmental entrepreneur, Johanan Dujon, from the community of Praslin, may well lead to more formal processing of the weed to produce liquid fertilizer at his facility in
the next few months.

The sargassum removal project was completed ahead of time
and under budget.

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Stop Worrying About Your Boat!

Stop Worrying About Your Boat!

In the warm waters of St Lucia

the maintenance costs of keeping your boat hull and props free of fouling is significant. A boat lift eliminates the problem.

It only takes a few days for weed to start growing, even on the most expensive antifoul surface and the cost and time of dealing with it, eats into your enjoyment of the boat.

A boat lift reduces maintenance, prevents harmful growth on outdrives, props and shafts and ensures your boat is ready to sail in
a few seconds whenever you want it.
It also provides peace of mind, knowing that the vessel is out of the water and not at the mercy of leaking through a hull fitting, or a failed bilge pump.

US statistics show that around 85% of boats that sink – do so at their own dock.

CMS has installed a series of boat lifts for customers in the Rodney Bay Lagoon area of St. Lucia. They range in size from 15 to 40,000lbs, but can be as small as 1,500lbs for a Jet Skis and can be built to accommodate up to 120,000lbs for your Viking 62’!

CMS will help source the lift best suited to your environment and design the installation, providing all the information you need to make the right decision. Ultimately, we will then install and commission the lift.
CMS also provides annual maintenance and will act on your behalf with the lift manufacturer if any warranty issues arise.

So saying, the current generation of boat lifts with gear drives and US manufactured motors are proving themselves year after year, to be practically maintenance free and totally reliable even in our harsh marine environment.

A boat lift accounts for only a small percentage of your boating expense, yet it greatly reduces maintenance, pays for itself, and adds enjoyment to your boating experience.

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