New Jetties at Praslin Bay and Savannes Bay
Both the safety and efficiency of the fishermen have been greatly improved by the building of new dock in Praslin Bay and Savannes Bay St. Lucia.
Dealing with the Sargassum in Praslin
When commissioned to solve long standing environmental and construction problems, particularly in locations affected by unpredictable tide and weather conditions, CMS is known for using inventive modern techniques and creating new ways of dealing with old problems.
Stop Worrying About Your Boat!
On the west coast of St. Lucia, a long needed ladder at the Canaries Dock, returning safe, vital boat access to the community.
Building an Access Ladder on Canaries Dock
On the west coast of St. Lucia, a long needed ladder at the Canaries Dock, returning safe, vital boat access to the community.
FADS – Fish Aggregation Devices
One of the earliest CMS projects was the installation of ten FADs, or Fish Aggregation Devices around the coast of St Lucia, at the request of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.
Harbour Club and the latest technology
CMS has made possible the construction of the Rodney Bay Dive Centre and Harbour Club Hotel by supplying and installing foundation piling, retaining walls and seawalls for the project. The property is built on soft, unstable land, originally reclaimed from salt marshand therefore required the latest foundation piling materials and techniques.
The Rope Bridge at Le Sport
And after all the serious stuff, CMS is sometimes asked to build and design something just for fun.
Why Vinyl Sheet Piling
One of the most dynamic and important developments in the world of construction and a key material in CMS inshore work, is Vinyl Sheet Piling.
A better way with DIP
Ductile Iron Piling, or DIP, is a revolutionary prefabricated cast iron Plug&Drive© pile system which is changing the way the construction industry does business.  CMS is making sure that there is a better way with DIP.  From redrafting to accommodate DIP, to training, or full blown construction throughout the islands, the company is making Ductile Iron Piling a cost effective reality in the Caribbean.
Piling on the benefits of better technology
With our ever present collection of natural weather challenges, everything we build is subject to salt blast, rain, tropical storms, rising sea levels and sunshine.  With better technology, we can arrest the trauma caused by these ravages.  CMS is at the forefront of these new technologies with its roots in marine engineering and heart in environmental protection and sustainability.


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